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They are small text files that are placed on your computer by practically all websites you visit. In some cases they are used to make websites work efficiently and in many cases used by site owners to help them understand their visitors .


Below we explain more about what we use cookies for but if you want to turn cookies off on your computer, you can do so in the browser settings. Go ahead we won’t be offended. For more information on removing cookies these instruction might help you


Like many website owners we use various Google Products to help us operate efficiently. One of the main tools we use is Google Analytics which is used by the majority of websites today. This allows us to understand things such as the search terms that are used to find our site, which pages of our website were visited and other information that we can use to ensure you get what you’re looking for from our site.

Against each cottage description on our website we have provided links to the booking website for each property. For some of these cottages we sometimes receive a small amount of commission if you go ahead and make a booking or occasionally if you make an enquiry. This is how we earn money to keep the website going. In order to do this the companies and affiliate schemes concerned need to know it was our website that helped you find the cottage and to know they need to pay us. For this they use cookies so they can track your jump from our website to theirs and the actions you make whilst on their site.


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